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Thanksgiving Sunday, October 7, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018


Altar Thanksgiving 2018




Triptych by Lynne Marand

This set of paintings now hangs in the Fellowship Hall.

The person in the image moves through the process of reflection, repentance, and rejoicing against the backdrop of Okanagan Lake and Naramata bench, a familiar scene to all who live here.
This is meant to be each of us, here where we live, moving through this process.
And so, whenever we gather in the hall, this triptych will be a reminder of the daily process we are called to go through: reflecting on our lives and the areas in our lives that leave room for improvement; repenting, which means returning to God and laying our failings at God’s feet; and finding true and lasting joy in the grace-filled embrace of God.
The water in the image connects this process to the Sacrament of Baptism, as Luther did in his treatment of Baptism in the Small Catechism where he wrote:

What does baptizing with water signify?
Answer: That the old Adam in us…should be drowned by daily sorrow and repentance…and the new person should come forth daily and rise up, cleansed and righteous, to live forever in God’s presence.


50th Anniversary May 4 and 5, 2013

50th Sign

Banquet Dinner

Banquet Celebrations May 4, 2013

Pastor & Bishop by Font
Pastor Curtis Aguirre & Bishop Greg Mohr
New Baptismal Font and Christ Candle

1st Baptism using new Baptismal Font

Choir May 5

Front Row - Pastor Kapeikis, Ollie Miller, Pastor Aguirre, Pastor Hill
Back Row - Pastor Loge, Bishop Greg Mohr

Before Communion

Communion May 5

Pastor Curtis, Keri and Aiden

50th Anniversary Luncheon - May 5, 2013




Altar Lent 2011
Church Altar during Lent
Painting is by Lynne Marand

The story of the altar painting used during Lent.


Soup & Bun 2Soup & Bun
Soup & Bun Luncheon


SS Christmas Play 2010
Sunday School Christmas Play

2013 Craft Group

Craft Group Wares
Crafters Group handmade scarves, mitts, socks and blankets.


Fellowship Hall - Comfortably seats 100


Pastor at Easter
Pastor Curtis - Happy Easter


ORLC Christmas Choir 2009
Christmas Choir Concert


Family Fall Fair